Nuno Ribeiro
/Nuno Ribeiro/

Management, Regional Manager

Working at Holmes Place for 11 years, since 2003. Dare I say that I still "love" for the club.

Passionate why? The weather feels overflowing a highly positive energy. My work carries me 200% to live with Partners and Staff conjunction with work inherent to the professional requirement. The fact that inspire me every day in the values ​​and mission of the company, helps me strive to be better day by day. Grow and grow the company is my professional motto.

My two great passions in life is my family and Sport, including Snowboarding, Soccer and Gym.

If you are looking to make a difference in your life and your health, Holmes Place is the right place! We do not just be a physical space with machines. We are a club where socialize and get exercise fit perfectly!

You welcome!

Holmes Place Linha

  • Algés
  • Cascais
  • Defensores Chaves
  • Miraflores
  • Quinta da Beloura
  • Quinta da Fonte
  • Headquarters: Praceta Professor Alfredo de Sousa, nº 8 - 8C, Algés